Annika & Jonas

Rural life on the farm

We who run Hällesdalens Gård are called Annika and Jonas. Here we live and breathe with the farm, the business, nature and the animals. Everything we do on the farm is done with great care and love, something we hope reaches you who visit us. If you have any questions, do not hesitate. We are here for you.


Annika, with her roots in Gothenburg, felt early on that her heart belonged to the countryside, animals and nature, and every spare moment was spent in the stable. Driven by a passion for art and a desire to help people, she trained first as a sculptor and later as a social worker.

Annika is currently in charge of administration, bookings, marketing and house maintenance and decoration. She enjoys tiling, painting and wallpapering, and when she gets the chance, she spends time riding or doing artistic projects in her studio.


A bit of a jack-of-all-trades and a skilled craftsman, Jonas takes care of everything from building and maintaining houses to making furniture and fittings. 

Jonas grew up in the small community of Kvänum on the Varas Plain and later on the family farm in Öttum. A desire to discover the world brought him to the United States at a young age. There he found his place and stayed for over two decades before returning to Sweden in 2000, but this time to the beautiful Hällesdalen in Bohuslän, where he found a new beginning.

A sustainable lifestyle

For us, sustainability is a central part of our business, where we strive to build for the future and to pass on a vibrant and healthy place to future generations. We conserve resources and energy, use organic and locally produced ingredients, buy a lot of second hand and make sure that the number of guests does not exceed what the area can accommodate.

It is part of our efforts to live in harmony with nature and to preserve the beautiful environment of Hällesdalen.

carpentry & sawmills

We have done most of the work on the farm ourselves. We build and maintain the houses and the land, make and design furniture and fittings in our carpentry workshop. The wood comes from our own forest.

Our philosophy is that people should feel good in the beautiful nature here with us.

A haven for nature enthusiasts

Nature is the biggest attraction here and the most important thing we have, so together we take good care of it. With opportunities for swimming, swimming, cycling, hiking and canoeing, you can explore and experience the West Coast up close.

genuine, relaxed & charming without fuss

With us, you don't have to worry about hassle or stress - instead you can simply relax and be in the moment. It's a place where simplicity and charm create a memorable experience for everyone who visits us. 

Sustainable without sacrificing an ounce of quality

What we build and present is genuine and robust, and as far as possible produced here, that is, built on site and preferably from wood from our own forest. We want to minimize our footprint and therefore reuse what we can and buy furniture second hand.

The farm has a long history dating back to 1772. From farming to the late 60s, later a horse farm and now a place for relaxation and meetings. We have worked hard to transform the farm into a place for both holiday accommodation and conferences. Since 2010, we have focused on renewing and improving the properties and its surroundings to offer visitors a comfortable, tasteful and sustainable environment in which to enjoy the peace and beauty of Hällesdalen.

FROM cider mill and agriculture to riding school

The history of Hällesdalen goes back to the 18th century. The first dwelling house, Torpet, was built in 1772 when the area began to be populated. During this time, people were attracted to the area because of the herring periods that began at the end of the 18th century, when cider-making was a thriving business. After the herring period, people switched to earning their living mainly through farming, fishing and wood production. Hällesdalens Gård has had many owners over the years and we have owned it since 2000. In the past, the farm has been a riding school and during the 1980s, camps and courses were held here, which often reminds our guests of previous visits to the farm.

The name Hällesdalen refers to the valley that slopes towards the stream and is part of the rich history and charm that characterizes the place.

The animals on the farm

The farm is also home to our four-legged friends who add to the joy and life here. Uffe, our loyal dog, spreads his love and longs for pats. Three cats curiously explore the farm and welcome every visitor. There are also three horses, where Emil, our sweet and gentle Shetland pony, melts every child's heart. As does Django the foal, who is in the foreground of the picture. 

Working on the farm is at the heart of our lifestyle, we live and breathe with the farm, the business, nature and the animals. 

This is how it looks in everyday life on our farm.