Cycling fun on fast-paced trails

Discover small hidden gems, feel the scent of summer meadow and forest as you pedal your way through the Bohuslän landscape.

Hitchhiking & tasting

One tip is to take your bike on vacation, there is a lot to explore here. Pedal along the coastal path and stop for lunch in beautiful Ljungskile. There are several nice restaurants, cafés and swimming spots. Or pack a picnic and rest in a clearing or a bay. From Hällesdalen, follow the blue posts of the coastal path towards Ljungskile, or take a detour along a small gravel road. 

Pack your swimwear, bring a water bottle and a packed lunch and head out on a hike along trails and dirt roads. 

This summer we have some bikes you can book. If you need more bikes or want a guided tour, ask us. We cooperate with operators who offer guided tours that suit both inexperienced and more experienced.  


the right of public access and cycling

Thanks to the Swedish right of public access, we can spend time in nature pretty much wherever we want. This is a unique opportunity, but it also requires that we respect the rules that apply. 

 You can cycle both in the countryside and on private roads, but keep the following in mind.

  • You must not cycle across someone else's property or planted areas.
  • Avoid cycling on soft paths during spring and fall when the ground is wet.
  • Avoid cycling on rocks, lava fields and sensitive meadows.



Bike ride with friends

Image above: Group of people on MTB in Billingen. Photo: Daniel Breece/

Header image: Woman cycling on dirt road. Photographer: Farawayistan

Do you have any questions?

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