Modern architect-designed villa a stone’s throw from the sea and with lovely sea views and sunny location. The house has a modern open kitchen with access to a large terrace. Dining areas both inside and outside. Fridge, freezer, wine cooler, oven and microwave as well as modern kitchen appliances.

Next to the kitchen there are large living areas with seating areas, tiled stove and wood burning stove. As well as TV and piano.

The house has a total of five bedrooms, four of the bedrooms are double rooms with bed 160-180cm, and one of the bedrooms is a single room with bed 140cm. The house has two bathrooms with shower and WC, as well as a toilet. The house has washer and dryer.

On the terrace there is a wood-fired hot tub only for the guests of the white house, with spectacular sea view. The terrace also disposes of barbecue and sun loungers.

Just a few meters from the house, there are sauna rafts, kayaks and paddleboards to borrow. These are shared with tthe rest of the guests. Below the house there is also a large trampoline for the farm’s guests.

Maximum number of guests is 9 people in total. We do not accept extra guests or visitors during the stay. It is also not allowed to pitch a tent or bring a motorhome / caravan. It is not allowed to bring pets. Partying is not allowed in this house. We welcome families and quiet groups.

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Number of accommodation:






Accommodation 1

Accommodation 2

Accommodation 3

Accommodation 4

Accommodation 5

Prices High season:

(June, July, August, September and Christmas, New Year, Easter, Ascension)

1 week: SEK 30,250 (7 nights)

1 Week, week 25-34: SEK 36,000 (6 nights)

1 night, Weekday (minimum 2 nights): SEK 5000 – 6,500 

1 night Christmas, New Year, Easter, Ascension (Minimum 3 nights): SEK 7,000

Weekend (Friday – Sunday): SEK 12 000 – 14,040

Long weekend (Thurs – Sun / Fri – Mon): SEK 14 250 – 16,435

Super Long Weekend (Wed – Sun / Thurs – Mon): SEK 18 000 – 21,640

Super Long Weekend Swedish Midsummer: SEK 27 500

Final cleaning: 1-3 days at SEK 1700, 4-7 days at SEK 3400

Prices Mid-season:

(April, May, October)

1 Week: SEK 24,050 (7 nights)

1 night, Weekday (minimum 2 nights): SEK 5,000

Weekend (Friday – Sunday): SEK 12,000

Long weekend (Thurs – Sun / Fri – Mon): SEK 14,280

Super Long Weekend (Wed – Sun / Thu – Mon): SEK 18,040

Final cleaning: 1-3 days at SEK 1700, 4-7 days at SEK 3400

Prices Low season:

(November, December, January, February, March)

NOT OPEN FOR BOOKINGS at the moment, but we accept inquiries during this period as well.

Booking request

Additional information:
  • Private Hot tub is included
  • Access to kayaks, paddle boards and sauna boat is included
  • Firewood is included
  • Our dining room is well suited as a conference room
  • Prices for private guests are incl. VAT
  • Guests cannot choose to clean themselves
  • Optional – Sheets/towels: SEK 130 per person.
  • Optional – Bathrobes: SEK 50 per person.
  • Optional – Pre heated hot tub upon arrival: SEK 500
  • Optional – Pre heated Sauna boat upon arrival: SEK 300
Booking request the White house
Maximum 9 people
Bokningsförfrågan Vita huset ENGELSKA
Hällesdalens Gård's General terms

We wish our guests a pleasant stay and our hope is that you will want to return. The houses are cozy and homely – it should feel like home. We have listed some points that are important for comfort and safety.

Arriving here:
  • On the way to the farm, you will pass houses and pastures. Drive slowly on the small roads down to the farm and show consideration for our neighbours, children and animals.
  • Cars are parked in front of the house in a designated place. Feel free to carpool. If you need to charge an Electric car, let us know and we will show you to our secure charging station where you can charge at cost price. Charging cars from the houses or other sockets on the farm is not allowed.
General information about the houses:
  • Pillows and blankets are on top of the beds. Beds must be made before use
  • Please don’t wear outdoor shoes indoors. There are slippers to borrow in the houses, but it can be good to also bring your own indoor slippers if you are frozen.
  • Blankets and pillows are in the sofas. These should not be used outdoors
  • Help us and Mother Earth to reduce the electricity consumption. For the best heat in the houses, use the air source heat pumps and support/complement with the stoves. Firewood is available in the houses and is included in your booking. Avoid using elements and underfloor heating when not needed.
  • Turn off lights when you leave the houses.
  • Help us reduce food waste and therefore feel free to take your leftover food home. Unopened packages, fine fruit and vegetables can be left for the next guests.
  • Garbage is sorted according to instructions in the houses
  • If something breaks, please let us know. We expect a certain loss of glass and porcelain etc. but need to know if something is missing so that we can replace it. Likewise, things break from wear and tear, and then we need to be able to replace them quickly. If you break something of value, we want you to replace it.
  • We do not want you to fly drones in the area. It is perceived as unpleasant by other guests and that the animals may be frightened.
  • We normally do not accept bookings for loud parties and gatherings, for example stag parties and the like. This is because it is important that guests in our different houses are not disturbed by each other. Please consult with us in advance if you are planning an event / party and we may be able to find a date that suits your wishes.
  • It is not permitted to invite extra guests in addition to those who have booked during the stay. This is for everyone’s comfort as we do not want the area to be perceived as crowded, and for it to work with garbage collection, cars, etc.
  • Keep in mind that there is an enormous amount of echoing near water. Therefore, keep the sound volume down in the evenings and nights so that you do not disturb neighbors or other guests on the farm. We don’t want people playing music outside.
Security & Safety
  • Consider the fire risk. Use barbecues only in the designated places and keep an eye on fire and embers. You need to coordinate with us in advance if you want to make a fire in nature. Consult us before using the hot tub if there is a risk of fire. If there is a fire ban, this may also include hot tubs and barbecues. The person responsible for the booking is responsible for the safe handling of stoves, grills and fireplaces indoors and outdoors.
  • The houses are equipped with fire extinguishers.
  • Follow the instructions for using the hot tub carefully. Instructions are available at the hot tub and in the houses. The stove for the hot tub will break if you do it the wrong way. If you want help heating up the hot tub, we will be happy to show you around. You can also add the “hot tub upon arrival” service to your booking. We will then make sure that it is warm when you arrive, or at any other desired time, for a small fee.
  • Feel free to use our wind protection for picnics. Directions can be found in the houses. If you want to grill in the Wind Shelter, you need to consult us in advance.
By the sea
  • The jetty and the beach are shared with the farm’s other guests and our nice neighbors. For everyone’s comfort and safety, we do not want you to park bicycles down by the water, but leave them by the houses.
  • Canoes and kayaks need to be put back immediately after use, life jackets hung back on the end of the boathouse. Kayaks etc. may be used until 10 p.m. During the winter season, for safety reasons, not after dark.
  • We also do not want you to play music on the jetty and the beach as it may be perceived as disturbing by other guests. It echoes a lot near water.
  • Our bay is a protected area and fishing is prohibited. Therefore, you cannot fish from the jetty. Use our kayaks to get out to the skerries. Crab fishing is obviously allowed ?
  • The sauna boat is booked by writing down your name at the sauna, maximum three hours per occasion. The sauna can be used until 10 PM on weekdays and 11 PM weekends. Winter time while it is light unless we have made another agreement with your group.
  • Remember not to block the dock with towels and chairs. Rather, use the beach and grass for sunbathing so that everyone can come to swim from the jetty.
Animals, nature & surroundings
  • We have grazing animals near the farm that roam free all year round, so you are not allowed to shoot rockets and firecrackers during your stay.
  • Please do not enter paddocks or stables without permission. If you want to visit our horses, let us know and we will be happy to accompany you.
  • Our houses are pet-free, so your pets may not come with us. We have sociable cats who are happy to come and greet you and spend time with you, but do not let them into the houses.

“Leave nothing but footprints”. Help us keep nature clean from plastic and litter.

Payment conditions
Private guests

For bookings more than 4 months from the arrival date:

  • Booking fee: 25% of the rental cost (5 days due date).
  • The booking fee is refunded in full if cancellation takes place no later than 60 days before arrival.
  • The booking must be paid in full 2 ​​weeks before arrival.

For bookings 2-4 months from the arrival date:

  • Booking fee: 25% of the rental cost (5 days due date).
  • The booking fee is refunded in full if cancellation takes place no later than 45 days before arrival.
  • The booking must be paid in full 2 ​​weeks before arrival.


For bookings 1-2 months from the arrival date:

  • Booking fee: 25% of the rental cost (5 days due date).
  • The booking fee is refunded in full if cancellation takes place no later than 30 days before arrival.
  • The booking must be paid in full 2 ​​weeks before arrival.


For bookings within 30 days of the arrival date:

  • Booking fee: 25% of the rental cost (5 days due date).
  • The booking must be paid in full no later than 2 weeks before arrival, or according to the due date on the invoice.
  • The booking is refunded in full if cancellation is made no later than 2 weeks before arrival, after that no refund
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