Beautiful Hällesdalens Gård is located right by the sea, and is a family business run by Annika and Jonas Knutsson.



At Hällesdalens Gård we care about a living countryside in harmony with animals and nature. Our greatest asset is nature, which is strikingly beautiful with sea, beach, stream, mountains, meadows and forest.

Our houses are all different in character, but they are all cozy and comfortable.

We do most things on the farm ourselves. Jonas builds and maintains the houses and land, and makes and designs furniture and fittings. The wood is taken from our own forest and sawn in the farm's small sawmill.

Annika works with administration, bookings and maintenance of the houses and in her studio if there is a moment to spare.

Together we have six adult children, sons-in-law, daughter-in-law and grandchildren who are all involved in the farm in various ways. We also have fantastic neighbors and friends who do not hesitate to help when needed. And what's a farm without animals... We have a dog, a bunch of cats and horses that want to be petted and cuddled.

A warm welcome to Hällesdalens Gård!

We will do our very best to make sure you enjoy your stay with us and make great memories.

// Jonas och Annika med familj

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