Here we list things to do at Hällesdalen and in our surroundings.

In cooperation with Södra Bohuslän tourism, some activities can now be booked directly through us. 

Södra bohuslän tourism in cooperation with Hällesdalens Gård

For activities for companies, see Conference

Bookable Activities

Concert with Caroline af Ugglas 


On the northern island of Orust in Bohuslän's inner archipelago lies Slussen Pensionat - a legendary music scene, a holiday hotel, a gastronomic metropolis and a beautiful place for creative meetings.

Welcome to a family business that stands for quality, sustainability and a big heart.

Sea trout fishing with a guide


Go with a sea trout guide on the sea. Local sea trout guide Jonas Nordigårds takes you on a trip in his fully sport fishing equipped Ockelbo B18CC boat. Jonas has full control of the fishing and will maximize your chances of success with a fishing day in our fjords. 

Concert with Isabella Lundgren


One of the most prominent jazz artists in our country comes to Slussens Pensionat.

Isabella and her amazing band perform a tribute concert to the life of Judy Garland.

See the full list of bookable activities at Södra Bohusläns turism.



Activities at Hällesdalen

The activities listed below are not bookable, but are included when you book with us, at no extra cost. 

We will be happy to help you with tips for excursions!

Contact us when booking or send us an email if you have any questions.

Barbecue in wind shelter

Gather the gang in our newly built shelter overlooking the bay.

Have a barbecue, bring your own coffee or just enjoy the view.

Please note that the grill may only be lit with our approval. Conference guests can choose this as an option when booking. 

Wood-fired hot tubs

All our houses have access to a private, wood-fired hot tub, at no extra cost.

We will show you how to light it, or we can have it hot on arrival (or at another specific time) for a fee of 500SEK. For conference guests this service is free of charge.

Please indicate when booking if you want the sauna to be hot on arrival or at another specific time. 

Wood-fired sauna boat by the water

Whichever house you book, you have access to our sauna boat at no extra cost.

The sauna boat is in the water between April and September and can accommodate 7-8 people. In other months it can be used from land.

We will show you how to light it, or we can arrange to have it hot on arrival (or at another specific time) for a fee of 300SEK. For conference guests this service is free of charge.

Please indicate when booking if you want the sauna to be hot on arrival or at another specific time. 

Wood-fired sauna

If you book the Annexet house, you have access to the wood-fired sauna directly in the house, at no extra cost.

We will show you how to light it, or we can arrange to have it hot on arrival (or at another specific time) for a fee of 300SEK. For conference guests this service is free of charge.

Please indicate when booking if you want the sauna to be hot on arrival or at another specific time. 


Take the opportunity to see the archipelago at its most beautiful.

Kayaks and SUPs (paddleboards) are located down by the water and are always included in the price, no matter which house you book.

Please see guidelines for on-site use. 

Hiking trails

Bohuslän offers some of Sweden's most beautiful hiking trails.
There are trails for those who like coastal landscapes close to the sea, lake-rich forest areas or, best of all, want to enjoy hiking close to the city with comfortable accommodation.

Visit the West Sweden website in the link below for full information on the different hiking trails.

West Sweden - Hiking trails

The skull cave
Visit the intriguing skull cave, a short walk through the forest from the farm. Directions can be obtained via a QR code found in each house.
Archipelago& beaches

Below we list some of the many bathing places that can be reached quickly from Hällesdalen. 


We are happy to help you!


The promenade at Smögen is one of Sweden's most popular tourist destinations in the summer. It is located along the south side of Smögen's old fishing port. The wooden promenade is about 1000 meters long and starts at the fish market in the eastern part of the harbor.


Käringön is a tiny island at the edge of the sea surrounded by salt and crystal clear water. There are therefore no cars, mopeds or bicycles and it is wonderful to visit the island all year round - perhaps best in the early and late seasons.

Ideal for family swimming as it is shallow and has a sandy beach, jetty, trampoline and toilet.

Gullholmen & Härmanö

Gullholmen is one of the oldest fishing communities in Bohuslän, probably dating back to the 13th century.

It only takes about ten minutes to reach Gullholmen by ferry from Tuvesvik, on Orust.

Gullholmen offers a shallow beach, rocks, toilets and a café.

Ramsvik country

Just west of Hunnebostrand is the nature reserve Ramsvikslandet - also known as the Kingdom of the Rocks! A hiking paradise through green coastal meadows and heather moors, up on smooth pink rocks created by the inland ice and the rough treatment of the western sea.


Lysekil is an urban area and central town in the municipality of Lysekil, in Bohuslän in the county of Västra Götaland. Located at the far end of Stångenäset, where Gullmarn and Åbyfjården meet, Lysekil has had a historically strong maritime and fishing industry. The town is located in northern Bohuslän, and is one of the larger towns in the county.


The charming coastal gem Grundsund is located in the far west of Skaftö, between Orust and Lysekil in central Bohuslän.


Fiskebäckskil is a settlement on the island of Skaftö, on the southern side of the Gullmarsfjord estuary, in Bohuslän. Down on the coast, you'll find small boathouses with openings facing the water, and further up the hill, stately houses with glass verandas and balconies show true carpentry skills.


An idyllic little community of just under 100inhabitants, at a convenient distance from Henån, offers cliffs, a jetty, sun deck and diving tower.

Ellös - Sörkilen

The small fishing community of Ellös is located on the western side of Orust.

Handicapped accessible bathing area. Shallow beach with rocks, diving tower, trampoline, piers, toilet, shower, café and kiosk.

Kyrkesund - Linneviken

Linneviken bathing area is located in Kyrkesund on Tjörn. 

It is suitable for families with children as there is a shallow sandy beach.

The pool is partially accessible with a staircase.

Restaurants and Cafés

The area offers a wide range of restaurants, cafés and pubs. Especially in summer!

Visit the restaurants' respective websites for reservations and opening hours.

The muslin bar

Fifteen minutes from Hällesdalen, in the small community of Ljungskile, is the popular restaurant Musselbaren.

On benches at sturdy wooden tables in the old clock tower's open-air restaurant in Lyckorna, in the middle of the seaside Bohuslän landscape, the mussel takes center stage.

The bridge wing

Restaurang & Fiskaffär Bryggvingen is located right by the sea on the small island of Lyr in Orust's southwestern archipelago. Well-visited for its good food, it can be a good idea to book well in advance.

Slussens Pensionat

The Swedish music hotel in the west is definitely worth a visit! 

Live music throughout the summer. In the low season, you can see live music, stand-up comedy or quizzes at weekends!

Åstols Smokehouse

Åstols Rökeri is a fish restaurant with its own smokehouse and shop sales. They also have live concerts all year round.

Salt & herring

At the far end of Tjörn's west side, located on Klädesholmen, you will find Salt & Sill. A real archipelago gem shaped by a passion for food and people .

Sundsby Gårdscafé

Beautifully situated manor house on Tjörn with a kitchen garden, walking paths and a natural playground for children.

Excursionsfor the whole family


The largest amusement park in the Nordic region is located in Gothenburg, with rides and experiences, cuddly bunnies, food, drink and entertainment.

Bohus Fortress

A castle with 700 years of Nordic history! The fortress has been besieged fourteen times but never militarily conquered!

Karlsten Fortress

For over 300 years, the mighty guardian has protected the small wooden town below. A captivating experience and a memory for life.

Bohuslän Museum

A vibrant cultural center with a wide range of programs. The museum is the second most visited regional museum in Sweden.

Arts, Crafts and Shops

Nordic Watercolor Museum

Located in scenic Skärhamn, this is an attraction that draws tourists from all over the world.


World-famous sculpture from all corners of the world, 40 minutes from Hällesdalen, is definitely worth a visit.

Sestervik Art Gallery

Glass art, paintings and regular exhibitions make this gallery well worth a visit for art lovers.

Farmers' table

Tavlebord acts as a marketplace where local producers themselves sell their food and crafts.

Orust Recycling
Orust Återbruk is located in the middle of Orust in the old dairy at Vräland. Orust Återbruk accepts whole, fine and beautiful objects such as building materials, furniture, furnishings and bicycles as well as useful fabrics. Find recycled goods, shop from all the island's collected food producers, weave in their weaving room, fix your bike, take a course or rent a room!
Animals & Nature

Smögens Fishing & Archipelago Tours

Book an archipelago trip, fishing trip or perhaps a lobster safari or crayfish fishing at Smögens Fiske & Archipelago Tours


Learn about space, about science, or visit their underwater marine world.

House of the sea

Learn more about the Nordic marine flora and fauna at the House of the Sea in Lysekil!

The Ark of the North

A classic destination for the whole family, where you can experience typical as well as endangered animal species from the North.

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